Our mobile site is not functioning correctly - please reach out for help. Find us in Hattiesburg, MS this weekend!
Our mobile site is not functioning correctly - please reach out for help. Find us in Hattiesburg, MS this weekend!
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Important Ordering Details

Greetings We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

SHOP THE BARNS  information:

1. In a product listing, if you see the words "Sold out – Click NOTIFY for restocks" on a product, under the "Sezzle" payment info, then:

  • Go to the drop-down, then choose something from there and the words above will update to something more accurate-qty available or perhaps "made to order".

2.  If you have the option to "NOTIFY me":

  • You will get added to the list of customers who want the product. When that product becomes available, you should get a notification.
  • The product will go back up for the public, so grab it while you can.
3.  Specific product details:
    • PHONE CASES: Separate listings for in or out of stock models are not possible at this time, so you can purchase as a made-to-order item if there is no inventory.
    • TUMBLERS: 1. Purchase unavailable styles from the listing as a made-to-order item or 2. Click NOTIFY and if we get one made, you should get a notice or 3. Go to Made to Order to search the design.                               

    4.  If an item is purchased while we are at an event and with us in our booth, we will do our best to pull it for shipping when we return home.

       MADE TO ORDER :

      • You should consider most all of our products as made to order, not expecting immediate shipping. If an item is in stock, we will certainly send it out as soon as we can.
      • Products that are not in stock but that can be *made-to-order
      • Put "this" design on "that" product-type listings
      • Products that have a design already, but can be personalized
      • Option to partial pay for certain items

      *Important made-to-order information:

      • We are a mobile business and on the road much of September-March. Additionally, we make over 95% of what we sell, so we are doing production all year long. We do travel at least once a month so there could be the occasion we are gone when you place your order, which will incur delay. We do appreciate your patience.
      • Click for our 2024 Show/Production Schedule
      • We strongly advise you to order early for any special occasion. We do get orders out as quickly as time allows. To communicate urgency on an order, please message us via text (615-420-8852) and we will get back with you within 24 hours.

       Stock Show Gear Graphics & Designs:

        Over 9 years, countless personal hours have been invested in what you see here and at events. All of our graphics and designs are Stock Show Gear and/or Design House Creatives' creative and intellectual property.
        We ask that you do not copy or share any image that does not have our logo on it somewhere. We would also ask that you report any copyright infringement to us immediately for us to pursue.
        (We are considering drop shipping/affiliate opportunities and some wholesale products. Email beth@stockshowgear if this might be for you!)


        If you stuck with us through all that, you are a hero! We hope you like our site. Now, get to shopping! When reaching out with any questions, please include your name and any necessary/important information.


        updated: May 2, 2023