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FFA Shopping Information-Do Not Add to Cart
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FFA Shopping Information-Do Not Add to Cart

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2020 FFA™ Virtual Convention Shopping with Stock Show Gear.

Hello to all you FFA shoppers - whether you are an annual shopper of our ornaments or a new shopper - we so appreciate you! I have included photos of a few of our FFA products and a booth pic from last year.....READ ON and SHARE with other FFA folks.

For 8 years we have been a participant at the annual FFA Convention in the Shopping Mall, along with loads of other terrific vendors. Sadly, this year has brought the change of no live "visual" connection with us and our faithful Mall shoppers. Oh, how we are going to miss being with you, as I know you all are going to miss being together as well. We are sorry for that, and for all of you who choose to participate in one way or another.

We would like all of our customers to know that figuring out how to navigate this season of our business life successfully for our shoppers has been quite the challenge. Due to the variety of products we offer on location, the expanse of our choices that are often best viewed in person, and the incredible value we place on personal connection with you, We hope that each person that chooses to browse and shop with us "virtually" knows that we will be forever committed to providing you with exceptional products, quality and service.

Though we have been a licensee of FFA for 8 years, for now, we hold that license only during the month of November. Therefore, it is imperative that if you would like to purchase our FFA items that you communicate with us now, or as soon as possible at beth@stockshowgear.com; SUBJECT:FFA. Your email will be responded to ASAP so we can help you navigate this year's Virtual Shopping Mall with us.

Stock Show Gear is still here to serve you....You are still here; in any and all ways that you feel challenged, hang in there, it's gonna be alright.  Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.