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Boer Goat Buck Keychains
Boer Goat Buck Keychains
Boer Goat Buck Keychains
Boer Goat Buck Keychains

Boer Goat Buck Keychains

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Boer Goat Buck Keychains

Yep! It's Stock Show Gear's most well-loved product! You do not have to a have need for keys to find a use for this item! 

  • Ear tag shaped color-infused aluminum 
  • Key Tag findings included - tassel color will vary
  • Mod to many different uses - get creative!
  • Print is on one side unless otherwise noted
  • Find these on location in the Stock Show Gear Booth
  • In Stock-Ships in 1-3 business days depending upon our schedule
  • Find possible companion items in the Goat Barn
  • Super designs ©Stock Show Gear

Ordering options: If out of stock, we can notify you when one comes available or pre-pay to get in line and receive when available. 

Pre-Orders/Back-Orders/On-Demand items will ship as soon as possible-expect a bit of delay when we are on the road or during busy, holiday seasons. We appreciate your patience! It is not a bug - it is a feature! 

Tips & Tricks: Our stock travels with us to events. Order for Christmas in August.

    We love what we can do for people with passions like you! 

    ***This product was FIRST exclusively made for Stock Show Gear - February 2019. All designs and products ©2019-2022 Design House Creatives/ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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