March 19: We are back at home base! Still, reach out to verify inventory or production for items as we have been on the road for many weeks. Have a great week!
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Fall Stuff and Incomplete Thoughts

Hey - it's Beth here. If taking the time to read this, I appreciate it. 

I wanted to share some of the things that are happening here at Stock Show Gear, to let you know .....

September is rushing upon all of us and I am sure families are working hard to navigate school, FFA meetings, 4-H Club activities, work and hopefully some play.  I hope you all take the time to slow down and be grateful in the small things. 

We are working to get ready for Fall events and it oft times seems like we are falling behind in the race. I have to take a moment to realize that what will be ready, will be ready and what is not can get ready later. 

I really have lots to say - I am wordy. But for now, I want to let you know that if you are shopping with us online (thank you!), I am making changes in the website each day as time allows. I seek to get your order out as quickly as possible, but with a short staff (2 people), balancing all the tasks gets a little lopsided sometimes. Know that we haven't forgotten you and a kind reminder is always welcome.

What we are trying to make better and changes we are making...

Ordering at events - entering all data in a system that keeps better records than us and will allow for smoother processing

We have always made items on locations. 2021 has us transitioning to not dragging our expensive equipment out and about to dusty barns and bouncing it around in trailers and vehicles.

It is a shift of thinking for us and will be a huge shift in expectations for our customers who are used to us doing things another way. We are praying for an easy transition. We have loved giving people their custom items at events and seeing the look on their faces and have been doing such for 30+years.

We will be offering proofs of orders as time allows for us to design at the event. Hopefully this will let us enjoy our customers a little more as they shop, rather having our back to them, frantically working our computers/equipment. 

I will be back with more to say later!