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April 8th - Remaining Orders

Hi there! This is for our Shopify, Etsy and Event customers. It's Beth and it is already April 8th. I wanted to reach out to let you know that we have not forgotten any customer (that we are aware of) and we are still working each day on orders that have not yet been completed.

We finally are done traveling for those 1st quarter events I mentioned in the last post and we added lots more orders to be worked on here in our home office.

I should not have to be reminded of this, but it has occurred to me once again that our customers may think that our "on-location" selves are those same people when we return home....only working on orders all day long.

The reality is, when we return home it becomes us balancing regular life with working hard at getting orders out. Designing, processing, packaging, Post Office runs, ordering supplies, gets meshed with our regular lives - groceries, laundry, family-time, dr. appts, car repair, etc. and also working on website issues, wholesale orders and much more. The amount we are able to complete in a day is much different than at an event, though we consistently make an effort to put all of you who are waiting for an order on the top of the list.  

We do so very much appreciate your patience and understanding! 

Once again, remaining orders are still being processed in the order they came in or were taken, but are also being grouped together by product to make the flow of designing/printing easier. We hope to be complete with everything by next week. 

**Any orders from all events, that were processed but not picked up will get shipped when shipping has been paid. Please contact us if you didn't pay for shipping. @BethHworth is the Venmo address you can send $3.00 for any order.

 Have a great week!