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NAILE (ing) down how to shop our website.

Hey there! It's Beth here. How are you doing?

Us? Oh my gosh! I will be transparent. We are less than a week away from what is usually our kick-off for a CRAZY BUSY schedule of going to Indy, setting up our booth at the National FFA Convention Shopping Mall, having a day or two to breathe, then heading off for about 3 weeks in L'ville for NAILE - working there AND trying to fill all the FFA orders. The panic still setting in, even though those events are not happening - at least in a familiar way. The questions..."Will we do it well, will we be able to serve all that want served, will we see old friends, will we meet new ones, what did we forget (besides sleep)" and the list goes on and on. 

As you ALL know, it's gonna be different this year, but we are having the attitude that it is gonna be alright. How about you? 

Soooo...though I will be making corrections and additions and changes up until, well, FOREVER on our online shop and it is not going to be anywhere near what I hoped it to be, will you all stick with us and let's see if you can shop with us and we can serve you just like always? We've installed a Chat app we hope will be helpful for questions. 

Let's look at how some things work.

Last October we began dividing our booth at events into Barns to make it easier for you to find what you wanted when looking for items with certain animals. So, we have tried our best to divide the website the same. 

#1 Check out the Barn Sections from the main menu bar. We've tried to add each design/item to it's "Barn". (just like any farm...sometimes the animals get out of the fence and you never know where you will find them - just keep up the search)

Additionally, last October, we added drinkware by the dozens to our booth - you could pick it up and look at all the many choices for designs. We printed up what we thought would be popular and took orders for custom designs. Drinkware was by far one of the most popular items at events and we have done our best to make it shopable, but in an even bigger way. 

#2 Check our Catalog section from the main menu. If you don't see a tumbler or such design you like, you can look back to the Barns for designs we can put on most anything, including drinkware. If you find a design you like, place it in your cart then go to #3 or if you do not find something you like...still go to #3.

#3 Check the Customize It! section to pick the drinkware item you would like, fill in the blanks for design and add to your cart. For any questions, we will email, so please watch out for communications so we can process your order as quickly as possible. We will probably send a proof, so make sure your include all your customer info at check out. 

I'll stop there so you can maybe take time to look around. Thank you for your time! ignore the dust and unfinished projects. 

We appreciate you supporting us!

We love what we can do for people with passions like you!